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Antique Trades Gazette Magazine

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Antique Trades Gazette Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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22/06/2024,  released 19/06/2024
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Next Issue: 29/06/2024, Due:26/06/2024
Antiques Trade Gazette is the must-have newspaper for the serious antiques collector or dealer, also dealing in fine art items, and featuring art and antiques news articles, as well as details of auction houses and show-rooms and auction analysis. A large, high-quality printed publication, it reports from auction houses and sales around the country with beautifully coloured pictures, an important touch for the prospective art buyer. This magazine has just been restyled, and boasts a clear and comprehensive layout, packed with necessary details on all aspects of the trading of antiques and fine art.

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Why are we so interested in antiques these days? What makes an antique valuable is not its age, but its history, its story and experience. In the antiques world a dusty, distained plate may be worth much more than a resplendently shiny new one, and it is because of what the item has ‘lived’ through that this is the case.

Antiques enthusiasts are looking for items which are historically interesting: items which have, in some small way, played a part in the writing of history.

Antiques Trade Gazette keeps a finger on the pulse of ever-wavering prices, as public interest shifts through different periods of history and different focuses of interest, while also cataloguing some of the best examples to pass through the hands of dealers, and helping buyers to make an informed choice of item or dealer. It talks too on the history of the items themselves, telling the story of some remarkable antiques and fine works of art, and detailing their place in history, which is what makes the item in question exciting to the collector.

Featured too are news items, informing the reader on subjects of debate such as the ethics of antiques: is antique fur or ivory acceptable? Or issues such as the average antiques’ carbon footprint: officially lower, it says, than a new item bought today.

Antiques Trade Gazette is a magazine for the serious antiques buyer or seller, with in depth information detailing many aspects of this complex and protean world.


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