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Narrowboat Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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SPRING,  released 29/03/2024
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Next Issue: SUMMER, Due:28/06/2024
A magazine devoted to the history of canals, waterways and canal boats, Narrow Boat is a gentle, relaxing ride through a fascinating topic.

Narrowboat – The Inland Waterways Heritage Magazine takes a measured, detailed look at the world of narrowboats and canals from years gone past. Inside you’ll find beautiful vintage photographs of various boats and waterways accompanying some well-researched and in-depth articles covering every aspect of the subject. This is a detailed and informative historical magazine that would be a fine read for either those currently afloat or simply interested in the history.

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The age of the narrowboat was, in our humble opinion, far too short. It seemed for a while that canals would be the arteries and veins of industrial Britain, shipping goods and materials back and forth at a slow, steady but above all relentless pace. You could hardly call the canals quick – it could take months for something to arrive, but what they were was never-ending. If you wanted coal from Newcastle you wouldn’t place an order and wait for it to arrive. Instead you could be certain that there would be a boat arriving that day, and the next, and the next after that in a never-ending rolling chain of supply. This of course could work both for materials for use of construction and finished goods, and was made easy by the simple floating of the boats meaning they were able to carry huge loads.

And then came the railways.

Suddenly people could place a specific order and have it arrive in only a day or two. Industry could be quick to respond to changing demand, and this was one of the key factors that made this country an economic superpower.

There is still something wonderfully relaxing about the pace of canals, meaning that we can quite understand why for many people it is still something that merits their passion and devotion, and a life on the waterways seems most enviable to us. NB


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