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Art Of Watercolour Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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Current Issue

NO 51,  released 11/10/2023
(26 in stock)

Features: Paul Cezanne, Stephanie Goldman, Irena Roman, Tim Oliver

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Next Issue: NO 52, Due:18/01/2024
Beautiful yet highly practical, Art of Watercolour magazine is the perfect read for anyone with a passion for watercolour painting, and a desire to improve their own technique.

Published in France but English language, the Art of Watercolour offers an expert view of all the latest news from the world of watercolour, art history and answers to readers’ questions, as well as showcasing stunning portfolios and including fascinating features on the world’s leading artists. Also includes technical advice, practical guides and lessons to help you perfect your painting.

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Watercolour painting has an exceptionally powerful versatility. No matter what you want to do with it, you can achieve it; whether this is in the form of stunning, realistic portraits that capture the very essence of someone or more abstract styles that show feelings, emotions or a moment in time.

That power to capture the inner meaning of something is one of the advantages that painting has over photography. No matter how many filters and lenses you play around with, a camera is only ever a machine to capture an image. When painting you can reveal the world as seen through human eyes, rather than as spied by a machine.

The Art Of Watercolour includes work from some of the most talented painters currently working from across the world, with the high-quality printing process and pages beautifully showing off the image to their very best. If there’s one thing we wish we could do here at Newsstand it is paint, and paint well – with a few issues of this magazine and a bit of patience (well, okay, perhaps quite a lot of patience) we reckon that we might just be able to piece together a passable portrait, and with more practice maybe even a lovely landscape. NB


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