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Art Monthly Magazine

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10 issues per year.
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05,  released 04/12/2023
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Features: Enam Gbewonyo

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Choosing to fill its pages with insightful and intelligent writing rather than simply pretty imagery, Art Monthly is a great UK based contemporary visual art magazine.

Each issue brings you the latest from every aspect of the contemporary art world, including interviews with artists both famous and emerging, features examining different areas of art, comment pieces and editorials, reviews of exhibitions from across the world and the latest art books. Art Monthly also lists all the upcoming artistic events across the UK, as well as upcoming international exhibitions, making this essential reading for any art aficionado.

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What do you want? Art! And when do you want it? Every month would be great, if you don’t mind…

Art Monthly is a magazine that takes a slightly different tack to the vast majority of art magazines on the market – and there are more than a few of those, simply check the Arts categories here at Newsstand for evidence of that. Most art mags attempt to be works of art themselves, filling their pages with dazzling imagery and spending huge amounts on their production quality, going to great lengths to get the feel of the paper just right.

That is certainly one way of doing it. The only problem is that you don’t necessarily end up with all that much to the magazine – all art and no content. Art Monthly takes a refreshing approach; rather than dancing around the subject it gets straight in there with analysis and thought, intelligently looking at art and reviewing an impressive array of exhibitions. If you want a magazine that actually looks at art and gives you its thoughts, rather than simply eagerly showing some art, then Art Monthly is for you. Other mags are the equivalent of someone going ‘Ohh, look at this pretty picture’. Art Monthly is the
fellow stroking his beard and saying ‘Ah, yes, I see what this piece means’. NB


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