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Film Maker Magazine

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41,  released 16/04/2024
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Features: Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Jane Schoenbrun, Joanna Arnow

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Filmmaker is, selfconfessedly, “The magazine of independent film”, and we agree. With reviews of new films, interviews with the most cutting-edge underground and more well-known directors, actors, and other people in the independent film scene, details of new apps and equipment to keep you at the forefront of filmmaking technology, and practical tips for script and screenplay writing and making films, Filmmaker magazine is the best publication for anyone who needs inside information on all aspects of independent film.

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Alongside adverts from the best American film academies, filmmaker magazine also features LOAFS and DUMPS: the Library of Annotated Film Schools, and Directing Unsuccessful Motion Picture Shots. DUMPS asks: Are you making a crappy student film? Do you consider it to be an astonishingly groundbreaking, exciting film? Chances are the people in the business will consider it to be the former, not the latter.

LOAFS is a directory of film schools, with reviews written by students. Who knows: you might be better off just making a film. On the other hand, many people couldn’t have acquired the skills and contacts they made in film school any other way. Either way, it’s best to make an informed choice, and filmmaker magazine represents both sides of the argument.

There are also interviews with your favourite independent film directors, actors and writers, and reviews and reports from the big Festival names: Cannes is just one of them. And filmmaker features the true stories behind the films and the process of the mystification and immortalisation of the characters behind the script: whether anchored in realism and based on a true story, or ostensibly totally fabricated, all creative works will draw, somewhere, from authentic experience.

With the filmmaker’s favourite new apps, technology, programs, and websites for scriptwriting and filmmaking, Filmmaker magazine is the insider’s guide to every aspect of independent filmmaking, and a must for everyone who is or wants to be involved in the making of independent film. Buy a single copy now and let Filmmaker magazine help you through the pitfalls of filmmaking, and tell you how others did it before you, proving itself as an invaluable resource for any budding filmmaker.


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