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Irish Pages Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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05,  released 28/06/2021
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The first thing to get clear is that this is no mere magazine. Irish Pages is a gorgeously produced paperback book format Journal of Contemporary Writing that is published twice a year. The second thing is that this is really something rather special.

Inside this 200+ page publication you will find some astonishing writing; poems and short stories sit alongside essays and memoirs, with photography and art also occasionally featured. It publishes work in both English and Gaelic, with the majority of content in English. And the standard of the writing, whether it s a moving poem or an essay critically analysing the state of Ireland today, is uniformly excellent.

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If you have any interest in Irish culture and writing, then this is unarguably the publication for you. It self identifies as a journal of contemporary writing, a label that allows it to feature an impressively varied selection of articles and various writings, showing off the very best poems and fiction from the leading Irish authors. If you want to educate yourself about the world from an Irish perspective and learn more about the culture of emerald isle then reading Irish Pages is a great place to start.

It is to our great shame that we have to admit that we can’t read or speak Gaelic. As such, some of the sections in Irish pages – though not by any means a prohibitive amount – were closed off to us. Learning the other languages of the UK and Ireland, including Welsh, Gaelic, Scots, Ulster Scots and Cornish is one of those things we feel we should do before we die. Language is such an incredibly important part of culture, and it would be a terrible shame if these were ever to dwindle away until they are forgotten. Celebrate the language and culture of all the different parts of the UK and Ireland, learn to read Gaelic and you will experience a whole new world of culture – and reading some of the Gaelic contributions in Irish Pages is a great place to begin the experience. NB


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