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Felt Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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29,  released 11/07/2023
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Features: Wool

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The magazine that we feel can only be described as both warm and fuzzy, Felt is a fantastic Australian crafting magazine devoted to felting.

Each issue of this colourful, friendly magazine offers an array of different felting projects, both for wet felting and dry, with ideas such as clothing, accessories and simply lovely looking decorative objects such as an ‘optimistic owl softie’. It also contains features on felting and those who felt, along with felting related book reviews, a gallery showcasing some excellent work and felt facts, for those of us who don’t know all that much about felt.

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Felting, as covered rather nicely in the aptly named Felt magazine, is the perfect example of one of those crafts that we don’t really need, but that the world would be much poorer without.

Now, I’m definitely not criticising the noble art of felting, far from it, but there are precious few situations where it is a case of ‘felt or die!’. There has never been the cry of ‘Does anyone on this plane know how to felt?!’, you certainly can’t eat felt to survive, nor does it stop bullets, form a waterproof raft or any form of cunning disguise. Felting, unfortunately, is not going to save the world in any shape or form. Why bother then? You might ask… Well, felting is one of those things that is fun to do, wonderfully constructive and you end up with something you’ve actually made at the end. Whether that is a lovely scarf, or soft owl, or slightly misshapen lump of felt that from a certain angle resembles a hedgehog (our first attempt), you will definitely feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. The world would be a far more boring place without some of the slightly pointless things in it.

Felt comes from Australia (the magazine that is, there is not some massive felt mine under New South Wales), and offers a fascinating and instructive look at a lovely hobby and craft. NB


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