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Anti-Age Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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51,  released 25/07/2023
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This French magazine really comes to grips with how to best avoid the dreaded disease of ageing. It features articles about the latest medical procedures and those that have progressed into your own home! It has various suggestions on diet and recipe and even some excellent alternatives to plastic surgery. Read about the latest products, exercise regimes and cheeky tricks to help you feel like your younger self again. Anti-Age Magazine is written in French and aimed towards mature women who don’t want to look it!

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Aside from modern anti aging technologies, I personally love all the old wives tales about how to keep your skin looking young. How about smearing honey all over your face, washing your hair in raw eggs or abolishing spots with toothpaste? Amusing, but if they actually worked I think I’d prefer these tactics to plastic surgery. I will probably think very differently when I’m older, but I think that wrinkles are quite nice. They give a person wisdom, character and charm. However, we find it very easy to tell when someone is wrinkled from smiling their whole life, or from whinging. The latter produces a slightly downturned mouth and droopy cheeks… so smile! It’s common knowledge that with a good dose of regular exercise, eating well, laughter and love comes good ageing.

I very much intend to put pleasure first because, let’s face it, you probably only live once. It’s worth enjoying! But that doesn’t always mean fast food and lots of alcohol. Healthy food is inevitably going to boost your immune system over junk food and will therefore make your body a lot happier. Same goes for exercise vs sitting in front of the telly all day. So my young and perhaps naïve advice is this; enjoy, have fun, and make looking after yourself a part of that.


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