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Double Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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45,  released 05/05/2023
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A pleasingly weighty French language (with an English translation tucked away in the back) design magazine, with a slightly different perspective on things.

Double, an excellently high-quality publication, comes in an unusual landscape rather than portrait layout. Not only does this introduce a new view on the designs within, it gives a different sense of space to the many features on fashion, style and design. Alongside the substantial Blog on Paper section, an excellent collection of striking and compelling images, are interviews with some of the leading names in design. All of this is made accessible by the English translation in the back – it would have been a shame to miss out on this because of a language barrier!

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It’s very rare that we receive a magazine set out in landscape here at Newsstand. And you know what? That’s a bit of shame. It’s only convention that ties us to the normal portrait layout, and when turned on its side landscape can be stored alongside portrait with the greatest of ease.

Landscape could be applied to a whole raft of different magazine genres – imagine, for example, a photography magazine or a walking guide where you could really take in and appreciate the vast, majestic panoramic views that nature gives us. In a way you can say that life is lived in landscape. There’s far more in our vision from side to side than up and down. Try it now – go outside, and look up and then down. What do you see? The sky, maybe a few plane contrails and the odd cloud and the sun (ignore the last one if in England and replace ‘the odd’ with ‘only’ cloud), and then grass, or maybe the pavement. Now, look around from side to side, and see the whole world that is going on around you, whether it be people going about their daily business, possibly stopping to stare at the strange person gazing around, or if in the country admire all the nature and beautiful scenery. I don’t think anyone can argue that life is better when viewed horizontally. NB


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