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Doctor Who Special Magazine

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Doctor Who Special Magazine

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3 issues per year.
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NO 66,  released 02/05/2024
(30+ in stock)

Features: Tom Baker

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A special edition of the excellent Doctor Who magazine from Panini publications. Doctor Who Special takes you on a no holds barred trip behind the scenes of Dr Who. Published four times a year, each edition covers a topic in the Whoniverse in great depth with interviews and features on everything Who.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a look at the series from the other side of the camera, and see Doctor Who as you’ve never seen it before, then this magazine is for you. Filled with information structured around the latest episodes, this magazine will let you know how they do it, why, and what they think about it

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The BBC took a bit of a bold leap in 2005 when they brought back Doctor Who. It had been long enough that memories of the previous incarnations of the good Doctor were clouded by a fog of nostalgia, and the film made in the 1990s as a backdoor pilot (quiet there) was not the most successful of endeavours.

What they managed to achieve though was a more vivid Doctor Who, not as it had been but as we all remember it. There is really quite a difference – when you’re a child you don’t notice so much the terrible wobbly sets, tragically poor special effects and hammy acting. Instead you are drawn in to a wondrous sci-fi world packed full of action, intrigue and suspense yet somehow retaining an indescribably British air about the whole thing. When Who returned in 2005, the effects were great, the acting unparalleled and it has been fantastically well written. What’s more they made a bold choice in Christopher Eccleston as the lead role – there had never before been a northern Doctor.

So what we have now is Doctor Who as it always should have been, and, as some of us who watched with wonder back when we were young, what we always thought it was. NB


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