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Architecture Today Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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28,  released 24/11/2023
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Bringing you the latest goings-on and musings from the world of architecture since the late 80s, Architecture Today is a great monthly UK based publication.

Each issue takes a good look at architecture both in the UK and worldwide, with features examining the designs of specific buildings across the world and round-ups of building around Europe. This publication also looks at Urbanism, Housing and other forms of architecture, offering an informed and insightful level of opinion and analysis. If you’re involved in any way in the architecture industry, then Architecture today is both essential and fascinating reading.

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Do you ever stop and think about the man-made world around you? It can something that is incredibly easy to overlook; when you are part of a living, breathing city it is all to easy to forget that the buildings did not simply spring into being, a they feel like they have always been there.

In some respects the city is a living organism, buildings and streets being created in response to the different stresses, tensions and needs of different periods – in the layout of every street, and the reason behind every building can be found the history of the people who have lived there. Despite this sense of being something more than the creations of people alone, it is all too easy to forget that there was an architect behind every building.

And perhaps that’s what good architecture does, sometimes. Sometimes you want a building that is stunning, beautiful, that stands out beyond all others and causes you to go ‘wow’. Other times, however, something that is well designed and simply works is what is required, a building so simple yet practical that you don’t even notice how well it has been created. Architecture Today offers a great balance between the bold and the practical, the stunning and the simply useful. NB


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