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Vanity Fair Magazine

Issues per Year: 12

Vanity Fair magazine features stunning and controversial photography, and fascinating and groundbreaking features on celebrities, fashion and current affairs. It has run some of the most notable exposés of the last 30 years, and is both artistic and intellectually satisfying, with news and interviews from celebrities but also featuring other topics of interest. An exciting mixture of all of these, Vanity Fair strikes the delicate balance between entertainment and matters of serious interest, with photography that is breaktaking and artistic.

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Margot Robbie

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More on Vanity Fair Magazine

Vanity Fair features celebrity news, fashion and current affairs, but don’t think this is a tacky celebrity gossip magazine though: no, the iconic Vanity Fair has courted controversy many times over, with groundbreaking exposés and cutting edge photo shoots of some of the most notable celebrities around. It originally ran under Condé Nast in 1913 – 1935, but fell as a victim of the depression, to be resurrected in 1983, and has since become an icon.

Controversial photographs include a front cover shot of a 15 year old Miley Cyrus which sparked outrage among people who said she was topless – when in actual fact she was covered with a sheet and not topless. Afterwards Miley Cyrus issues an apology to her fans, saying that the shoot was meant to be artistic. Similarly stunning but controversial pictures include a naked, pregnant Demi Moore, and Mike Myers dressed as a Hindu deity. Vanity Fair’s photographer is the renowned Annie Leibovitz.

Notable articles Vanity Fair has also published include the exposé on the tobacco industry which the Al Pacino and Russell Crowe film “The Insider” was based upon, and the final revelation of the identity of “Deep Throat”, the informant who led to the Watergate scandal and Nixon’s eventual resignation.

All in all, Vanity Fair is an extraordinary mix of artistic and stunning photography and groundbreaking journalism, with style and class for the thinking woman. Subscribe to get this delivered monthly to your door.

Vanity Fair Magazine is in the Glossy Fashion category and is just one of over 3,000 magazines now available at Newsstand, to browse recent front covers of Vanity Fair Magazine, please click here.

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