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Music Week Magazine

Issue 17/04/2015,  16/04/2015,  $13.46 inc p&p to United States  ~ 4 copies available

Music Week Magazine

Issue:17/04/2015,  52 per year,  $13.46 inc p&p to United States  ~ 4 copies available
The premier music industry magazine, something that is reflected in the cost, Music Week is essential reading for anybody involved in the music business.

Every issue of this top weekly features all the latest news from the world of music, including details of who’s signed with what label, when, where and why. It covers topics such as live music and music festivals, details of the financial situation music in the UK faces with comprehensive stats and numbers, all the latest rumours and gossip from the business and news of exciting new talent. You will also find interviews, business analysis, retail news, features on different aspects of the music biz and more, as well as comprehensive charts and sales details and news of the attest job openings.

It’s amazing, frankly, how few of the people involved in the music industries are actually musicians. We don’t mean those who can play an instrument or sing a little, but those whose professional livelihood comes from them performing their songs. We don’t like to be too negative towards the music market, but it can be a little surprising to find out how much of the money you spend on music doesn’t go to the artist. In an ideal world there would be no need for a music industry, with musicians being able to directly sell their music to their fans, but this is far from an ideal world.

As much as there are those who say that the music industry is killing the music industry by itself, most of the bands you listen to would never have made it beyond pub gigs without work by the labels. You have your research and development, taking the raw sound of a new band and making it marketable, those involved in pushing and promoting the band, getting them interviews in magazines and slots on TV. Though it does undeniably take a lot from music, the music industry also gives a while lot back. NB


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