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Farmers Weekly Magazine

Issue 24/04/2015,  24/04/2015,  $10.58 inc p&p to United States  ~ 3 copies available

Farmers Weekly Magazine

Issue:24/04/2015,  52 per year,  $10.58 inc p&p to United States  ~ 3 copies available
The leading British magazine devoted to agriculture and farming, Farmers Weekly magazine features everything a farmer, whether smallholder or large scale, could need.

Each issue of this impressively lengthy magazine features all the farming related news from the previous week around the country, as well as coverage of business, industry and energy topics. There are thought-provoking comment and opinion pieces talking some of the tough issues, and sections devoted to both livestock and arable farming full of useful information and practical advice. This magazine also covers machinery, property and jobs, prices and trends and farm-life culture, and features a large classified ads section.

The farms and agriculture, fields and fences and hedgerows that divide up our rural landscape are what makes Britain Britain. Those who live in the cities may argue otherwise, with Londoners particularly proud of their place as the capital of the country, but the heart and soul of the land can be found in its farms.

Imagine, for a moment, and aerial trip across the country. Flying high above this scepter’d isle you see a patchwork of fields, ancient divisions across the landscape that have been there for centuries if not millennia. The history of our country has been supported by its agriculture – poetry, literature, plays and the like are all fine things, but they could not have existed if there wasn’t food to feed the creators. There have been riots and times of famine when harvest have been poor, and times of plenty and success when they have been good.

It is the farmers, both past and present, who are responsible for this country becoming what it is, and we would welcome more celebration and recognition of this at the highest level. Perhaps they could award some kind of recognition, for ‘Services to Farming’, given to Farmer of the Year as chosen by the readers of the excellent Farmers’ Weekly. NB


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