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Victor Magazine

Issues per Year: 2

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VICTOR – Photography Book is a large-format, hardback, cloth-bound print title defined by outstanding photography, unique typography and the highest-quality print reproductions. Its appearance is not that of a magazine at all but of a high quality book.

*VICTOR – Photography Book One is available as a back issue here.* and Book Two is available here.

Please note, purchasing a copy or subscription to VICTOR will mean your data is passed to the publishers of this product, for their own use only.

Click here for our exclusive Buy One Get One Free offer for Book 2 & 3 of Victor.

Within the current issue

Hasselblad on Victor Book 3:"We are proud to inform you that the new issue of VICTOR - Photography Book Three - is just around the corner. Together with the team of our publishing house ‘By Any Means Necessary’ we have worked very hard to produce the new issue of VICTOR, which firmly establishes the magazine as one of the world’s leading photography publications.

While the format remains the same this time round the mix of text and images has changed a little, with even more emphasis now being placed on the visuals and the scale at which pictures have been used.

Continuing our commitment to showcase outstanding Hasselblad photographers and exclusive photography in a uniquely stunning large-format print experience, the line-up of photographers being featured is awesome:

David Lynch, Matthias Koslik, Andy Rudak, Bernhard Edmaier, Alisha Goldstein, Laurent Segretier, Timothy Hogan, Derek Kendall, Klaus Thymann, John Robert Rowland, Morgan Fisher and Brad Harris."

Buy a single copy or subscription to Victor Magazine. Current issues sent same day up to 3pm! All magazines sent by 1st Class Mail UK & by Airmail worldwide (bar UK over 750g which may go 2nd Class).

Victor Magazine Issue Book Three

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More on Victor Magazine

The brave decision by Hasselblad to swim against the tide in 2012, and to turn VICTOR
Magazine from an online publication back to a printed issue, paid huge dividends as the
new-look publication earned plaudits around the world for its strikingly high quality, luxury feel. Not surprisingly VICTOR – Photography Books are now hotly anticipated, boasting a list of contributors that sounds like a who’s who of international greats.

Establishing VICTOR at the forefront of print publishing and photography titles has been a key aim and this has been recognised by the British Journal of Photography in its ‘Cool & Noteworthy 2012’ review, where they named VICTOR as Best Customer Magazine 2012.

Victor Magazine is in the Culture category and is just one of over 3,000 magazines now available at Newsstand, to browse recent front covers of Victor Magazine, please click here.

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