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Rolling Stone Presents Magazine

Issue THE WHO,  09/04/2015,  $17.72 inc p&p to United States  ~ 6 copies available

Rolling Stone Presents Magazine

Issue:THE WHO,  7 per year,  $17.72 inc p&p to United States  ~ 6 copies available
Everybody knows that Rolling Stone is the greatest music mag ever, no question about it. You know that you are getting a top notch publication then when you get a copy of Rolling Stone Presents, a series of specials examining topics and features within the wonderful world of music.

These special editions of Rolling Stone cover either a famous musician, band, topic or present a list. As you would expect, Rolling Stone Presents is written to the very highest journalistic standards, being produced by the most knowledgeable and experienced music journalists out there. These are fine, top quality special collectors’ issues that are a must for any music-lover.

We do love a good commemorative, special, collectors edition of something, And Rolling Stone Presents is no exception to this. This offers the chance for music journalists to let their hair down (something they probably are used to) and write about something they really, truly love.

It must be a bit of a grind sometimes as a journalist. Though you can obviously draw attention to the things you love, you have to write about and pay attention to everything that is popular, regardless of how much you actually like it. Special editions therefore represent the chance to evangelise about the thing you love most in your field – here you can really sense the passion that the writers have for the topic covered by Rolling Stone Presents.

There’s nothing better than finding out what someone’s favourite musical thing is, and why exactly that is the case. If you’re looking for a top quality piece of fascinating and intriguing music writing, then we can highly recommend picking up a copy of Rolling Stone Presents – it is published 4 time a year, so there’s many opportunities to – for yourself, or as and absolutely perfect gift for your favourite music-lover. NB


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