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Art Papers Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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13,  released 18/10/2021
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Fiercely independent and non-profit, Art Papers is a bi-monthly US mag devoted to art and culture both in the USA and across the world.

This is a proudly confident magazine, showing off what they see as contemporary art’s imminent history – that is to say, the very best and most current contemporary art in the world. Seeking to challenge perceptions, Art Papers takes a look at works and exhibitions by both famous and emerging talents, looks at notable shows across the world and covers art in every region of the US, and hopes to open a few minds on the way. If you want to keep up to date with the latest in culture and art whilst reading a thought-provoking and challenging magazine, then Art Papers is for you.

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Art Papers deals impressively well with contemporary art – we firmly believe that the most fascinating and relevant art in the world is that which is being created right now, and clearly so do they.

Can you imagine a country without art? It is perhaps the single unifying thing across all cultures, something inherently within all of us – the desire to paint, draw, sculpt and create. Since the first caveman tentatively daubed a crude representation of an animal on the walls of his stoney home, we have been a race that loves expression through art. A nation without art would be one of dreary grey conformity, of boredom and acceptance. Art challenges things, perceptions, creates spaces for talking about issues. It is entirely possible to live a life without art, without such expression, but to do so would be an absurdly hollow thing.

Contemporary art is perhaps the most important branch of art. Artistic work is fascinating at least in part because of the way that it folds that which is culturally relevant at the time into it. As such, contemporary art has a limited frame in which it is relevant to us, before passing into becoming something of a historical artefact, a piece of culture from a time and a place. To adopt an unrelated marketing cry; “Contemporary Art, get it whilst it’s hot!” NB


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