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Abitare Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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88,  released 02/10/2019
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Gorgeous bilingual Italian/English design magazine devoted the world of design, Abitare (translation: Live or Inhabit) covers elegant design in a variety of forms.

Abitare deals with design wherever it may be found, whether this is the home, beautiful objects, the office or outside. It contains well-written, in-depth features on different projects and designers, as well as examinations of the materials used in design, and news and events. The magazine itself is as elegant a work of design as the pieces featured within – being printed on lovely quality paper and in a slightly wider than A4 scale to give the features the space they need to breathe.

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One of the classic arguments relating to the existence of God or not (bear with me, this isn’t going to get too existential and is highly relevant) was that of the concept of intelligent design. The traditional telling of this idea is that if you were walking along a street and found a watch, you wouldn’t assume that all the interlocking gears and springs had simply come into being by themselves, but had instead been put together by a designer. So, runs the argument, the natural world with all its systems that rely upon each other could not have simply sprung into being, but must have been created by an intelligent designer.

Well, whether god exists or not, if he was an intelligent designer we reckon he would have enjoyed reading Abitare magazine, and the many other excellent design publications we stock here at Newsstand. The quality of the average design magazine out there is simply astonishing – we feel that the reason for this is because the creators put as much effort into the design of the magazine as they do their own projects. If there is a god, and if he truly created the world, then we think that he was one hell of a good designer – though we know a few designers who if you asked them to create a world would give you a calculating look and an extortionate quote. NB


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