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Trail Runner Us Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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SPRING,  released 08/04/2022
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Features: Sustainability

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Next Issue: DIRT 22, Due:24/06/2022
The magazine for those on the run – no, not escaped convicts but those who simply love running – Trail Runner is a US mag that deals with running in all its outdoor forms.

Each issue features some amazing trails around the world for runners with a variety of levels of experience. There is useful advice for runners in the areas of technique and strategy, as well as medical information, thorough reviews of gear such as shoes and running clothing and features on some famous and gruelling trails. Trail Runner also covers the exhaustive sport of Ultrarunning.

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Trail Runner is a great magazine dealing with all manner of trail running, but the particular aspect of it that caught our eye was ultra-running. The world of ultra-running – a gruelling variant of trail running where courses extend for upwards of 100km – recently lost a true hero of the sport. Micah True, who passed away in March 2012, was one of the leading long-distance runners in the world, living the life of a ‘trail-bum’, running wherever he could across North and South America. It is his exploits in South America, however, that are of particular interest.

Whilst training in Mexico, Micah came across a near legendary tribe call the Tarahumara, whose very name means those who run fast. Running was, and still is, an intrinsic part of their culture, being the method of transportation and communication between settlements hundreds of kilometres apart. Legend has it that every now and then, on trails in their territory, they would sometimes join in with ultra-runners from America and effortlessly outpace them.

Quite whether all of this is truly accurate, and how much of it is a rather romanticised notion is a little unclear, but what is certain is that Micah True was a hero of Ultra-running, and that the Tarahumara people are very, very good at running. NB


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