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Womens Running Usa Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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24,  released 10/01/2022
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Features: Mary Cain

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Women’s Running is a magazine which is produced in America. The magazine covers all aspects of the running lifestyle, from on-the-go beauty needs to training strategies. According to Women’s Running magazine’s mission statement, the publication aims to provide a high-quality magazine for smart, successful women who use running to balance and enhance their lives. Women’s Running features interesting articles which always encourage the readers to train hard but safely and in a controlled manner

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This publication is ideal for women who already enjoy the benefits of running as well as those who want to get started. There will be essential advice on nutrition and healthy eating habits which are vital for readers to get the most out of their running experience. The hints and tips are always simple and explained clearly so anyone can take on board the new tactics and fit them easily into their lives. These sections will be very essential if you are a novice runner and want to start in a healthy way, the fact is if you don’t eat the right types of food then your energy and fitness will ultimately be affected. There will also be interesting articles on how to stay injury free and how to look after your muscles and joints.

This magazine is very inspirational, if you are an occasional runner and have started to fall of the wagon so to speak, then this magazine will hopefully bring you back onto the straight and narrow. Running is one of those solitary sports that can be hard to do if you are feeling unmotivated. Women’s Running magazine will be motivating with a positive attitude which will encourage you to keep going. As well as articles on how to stay fit, there are also uplifting articles about how other readers have enriched their lives through running. If you were feeling really unmotivated before, you certainly won’t after reading these great stories of how others have overcome barriers and have completed marathons and events which they never thought possible.


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