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Practical Reptile Keeping Magazine

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Practical Reptile Keeping Magazine

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JUN-JUL,  released 06/07/2018
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Features: Tortoises, Turtles, Lizards, Horned frogs, Green Tree Pythons

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The handy, helpful guide to looking after your reptilian friends, Practical Reptile Keeping is full of exactly what the title suggests.

This magazine is aimed primarily at those who keep reptiles themselves, being full of great, practical advice on constructing and maintaining habitats, information for breeders and introducing and examining little-heard-of breeds from bumble-bee toad to gidgee skink. Nevertheless it still does an excellent of covering the hobby as a whole, including the latest news and a good Q&A section and reviews and recommendations of the latatest reptile keeping equipment. Whether snake-lover, tortoise-fancier or gecko-herder, this magazine will satisfy any herpetologist.

A good alternative to the less popular "impractical reptile keeping".

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As Mr. I. Jones once said, ‘Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?’. Nah, we’re just kidding, we actually love all creatures great and small, reptilian and mammalian and otherwise. Normal pets can be a bit boring. After all, how many dogs, cats, hamsters and so on are owned in this country? Many more than anyone can count, at least without it taking a very long time.

Keeping a reptile sounds like a great idea, and perhaps something that might come across as rather more impressive to any friends. Sure, many of them do lack the cute factor that serves so well to break the ice in any discussion – ‘aww, what a cute kitten’ etc., (though geckos might just pass that test) but they are far more interesting. Of course, the major downside is the diet some require. Personally, I will never forget the time, in my first year of university, that the girl upstairs from me was brought a snake by her boyfriend. Ah, what a lovely, if slightly strange, gift we all thought, until finding out a week or so later that the small, non-descript bag at the back of the freezer that had just appeared was full of tiny, dead, frozen baby mice. Brrr. NB


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