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The American Scholar Magazine

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The American Scholar Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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03,  released 13/10/2021
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Published quarterly as a literary magazine on current affairs, science, history and culture, American Scholar covers the latest news and happenings over its almost century-long publication history. Named for an oration by famed lecturer Ralph Waldo Emerson, this title has long engaged with the cutting edge of ethical, scientific and policy discourse that are ever shaping both law and culture alike. Featuring contributors renowned locally, worldwide or both, American Scholar has long tackled the tricky issues of the day as well as heralding the problems of tomorrow.

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In today’s market driven world publications tend to be highly compartmentalised, even current affairs magazines which tend to waver across international boundaries and economic categories in their coverage, can fall prey to this tendency to cater specifically to their reliable niche market. American Scholar is a refreshing break from this trend. One part opinion piece, one part journal and one part literary magazine, American Scholar deals with a broad array of topics which sway from the highly topical to the pet peeves of contributors with big policy implications.

World beating content, international coverage, the contributions of some of today’s best thinkers and the inclusion of various schools of ethical thought make American Scholar a stand-out in both literary and current affairs titles. Supplementing its opinion and news pieces are an extensive book review section and features on recently published essays and poetry. In many ways American Scholar is both a useful tool for policy wonks and something special for those culturally minded to literary pursuits. Showcasing a pretty fantastic example of what a brilliantly executed hybrid-magazine can be.


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