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Offscreen Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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24,  released 13/05/2021
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Features: Ali Alkhatib

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An excellently produced magazine, Offscreen is an incredibly well-written and detailed exploration of the people behind the latest websites, apps, designs and digital creativity.

Offering a sharp departure from most magazines that cover such new digital creations, Offscreen instead offers a mix of interviews, features written by the designers/creative minds themselves, and more, uncovering the human side of a digital, abstract world. This is a fantastic piece of design in its own right, featuring lovely design throughout. A triumphant mix of style and substance that deserves a place on the shelves of anyone linked to the world of digital creativity.

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Offscreen is a really lovely publication – not only is it very well written and exceptionally produced, it serves something of a noble purpose. When thinking about the cutting edge of web design, the newest emerging apps, websites and the like, all the general web creativity that goes on, it’s very easy to forget that such things are created by real people. We take these things for granted, and forget that just as there are fascinating tales behind the lives of musicians and artists, so too is there an astounding depth to be found to the people behind the pixels.

We all spend a huge amount of time looking at a screen. It’s pretty much unavoidable at work for the vast majority of us – as I write now, I am tapping away at a keyboard, and you are reading this off a screen (unless for some unfathomable reason you’ve printed this page off to keep for posterity). Nobody truly knows whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, about all we can actually agree on is that it is definitely a ‘thing’. Offscreen is all about taking a little bit of time to sit down and read a finely crafted publication about the humans who are producing wonderful, cutting edge, innovative and exquisite digital creations. NB


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