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Garage Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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NO 19,  released 04/11/2020
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Next Issue: NO 21, Due:01/07/2022
Its shiny, it’s stylish and it’s hungry to divulge its secrets like a gossip high on sugar, Garage is a high-flyer among magazines that do the trippy combination of fashion-art combinations. No stone goes unturned and no creator spared the revealing glare of the spot-light in its down-in-the-gutters seeking of those with the spark to upturn all we know. From the brightest of art galleries to the murky economy-driven corners of the eccentric artist, none escape Garages scouring gaze, leading to a magazine as jaw-dropping in its content as those it features among its pages. Plus its very big.

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Deep, imaginative and with a creative flair that most magazines can only hope to aspire to, Garage magazine answers that deep question that tugs at the souls of all fashion artists. Is fashion art by design or can these two powerful forces be driven into conflict with one another? Naturally there’s not a lot of unnecessary pontificating going on here to be concerned about. Garage is a title that answers its own question by showcases the weird, the awe-inspiring and the downright crazy.

Featuring the talent of the most delightful artists out there and their works alongside insightful interviews and professional photography. This publication is high quality, high-brow but not too high-brow, more an acceptable medium level of browness. The slickness of the printing and the value of its meaty interior make this a highly recommended title for the fashion divas and creative mavericks amongst us.


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