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Scenario Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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01,  released 17/02/2022
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Unmistakeably high quality publication from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (what a name!), Scenario takes a look at trends, ideas, visions… anything future-esque essentially.

This is something between a magazines and a journal, both intellectually stimulating and culturally on the button. What it definitely is, is fascinating. We’ve lost many an hour reading ideas and concepts of how the world might change in the future, what will be the big winners and who might lose out (a world without physical magazines is definitely not likely). Forward looking, intelligently written, excellently designed and with some interesting perspectives. The fact that this is the English language version just makes it even better.

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We love the future. That may be a bold (or not) thing to say, but we absolutely love the concept opf the future, the fascinating things that it might hold, the ways in which society, technology and culture might change, for the better or for worse. It’s that whole ‘unknown’-ness that makes it so exciting, and is probably the reason why Futurama is one of our favourite programs.

Scenario takes a long hard look at the future, and doesn’t simply limit itself to one area or another. It takes a wide perspective, examining emerging cultural trends, exciting new technological developments and more. What we think will change the world the most, however, will be the 3D printer.

Imagine, if you can, a world where everything and anything you want can be created, in your very own home, to high-precision manufacturing standards. That new toy your kid wants? Done. You need to make something of a slightly odd shape to fill some particular need? Done. Even complex good, including electronics, could be built up, layer by layer. Apparently you could even make your own medicines. Truly this would be a future where the costs of everyday items could be reduced, and a higher standard of living could be had by all.

Our other favourite future technology is anything involving lasers, because they’re just inherently cool. NB


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