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Issue 18,  released 07/12/2018
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Features: Art, Poetry, Literature, Stories, Fiction

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SAND is an independent, English-language literary journal from Berlin featuring original and translated short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, and visual art from all over the world.

SAND was founded in 2009 to provide an opportunity for emerging authors and artists, inspiration for writers and readers, and a chance to engage with the literary scene in Berlin and beyond.

Each edition of the twice-annually printed journal combines a unique collection of international works that are fresh, accessible, and diverse. Back issues are available in limited numbers.


Issue 17

The seventeenth issue of SAND, dedicated to its own lack of a motto, travels between post-apocalyptic Finland, post-marital Macedonia, post-vegetarian Australia, and post-mortem Oregon. Including images from Melissa Spitz’s prizewinning documentary photo series You Have Nothing to Worry About (among them the cover photo, “Pool Day”).

Ahmad Almallah • Lljubica Arsovska • Vanessa Bates Ramirez • Caroline Beimford • Jenna Cardinale • Kell Connor • Lidija Dimkovska • Novisi Dzitrie • Shelley Feller • John Greiner • Megan Leanne • Maija Mäkinen • Sarah Mangold • Adam J. Maynard • Nate McCarthy • Elizabeth Metzger • Jeremy Packert Burke • Scott Platt-Salcedo • Jon Ransom • Michael Lee • Peggy Reid • Mark Russell • Reina Skye Nelson • Melissa Spitz • Ajibola Tolase • Tse Hao Guang • Patrick Vala-Haynes

Designed by
Bárbara Fonseca

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