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Computer Arts Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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SPRING,  released 24/04/2020
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Features: Illustration, Animation, Graphic Design, Computer Arts

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Next Issue: JUN 20, Due:22/05/2020
Computer Arts is the world’s leading digital arts magazine with a focus on inspirational design tutorials and articles from designers, Computer Arts is focused on encouraging creativity and helping designers flourish. This expert specialist title looks at all aspects of computer design, analysing works in business and displays, from the passions of private individuals to the place digital design has in industry. Through this Computer Arts magazine examines the trends, innovations and just plain unusual occurrences within computer design. Offering a sleek an endearing experience that draws upon the experiences and expertise of designers of all levels.

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Digital design has shaped much of our entertainment over the past two decades, and has also left its mark on business practices, which is something we here at Newsstand appreciate all too well. Giving a brand that unique flair requires nurturing of creative talents with a passion in computer arts. But don’t get side-tracked thinking that this is a business based publication (it’s not), this is a magazine for digital designers written by digital designers. Its primary aim is to be a creator’s muse and guide in nurturing their expertise and experience through inspiring tutorials and testimonials.

Whether your passion is to turn your creative abilities and digital skills into future employment or self-employment, or simply as something personal for family and friends to enjoy, there is plenty to get you going. Features on new design tools and programs take up its own section within the magazine, and tips on expanding your skills outside of your comfort zone ensure that readers come away with a wide breadth of digital know-how. Computer Arts magazine truly excels as a creative publication that seeks to seduce current and future designers to the digital ways. Entertaining and always informative, whatever your aims, if you have a creative fire burning within you that passion is something that can be fully sated with this potent guide to computer design.


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