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Majesty Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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MAR 21,  released 18/02/2021
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Features: Prince Philip, Princess Eugenie

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Next Issue: APR 21, Due:18/03/2021
The magazine for the royalists out there (no roundheads allowed), Majesty – good name there – provides some fascinating insights into the privileged world of royalty.

Though this magazine is international in its outlook, it has a particular focus on the British royal family. Inside you’ll find fascinating features on the history of the Royals, as well as coverage of their current activities. The magazine is illustrated with exceptional colour photos of the Royals in every guise, and covers the court and social obligations involved. Also included are reviews of the latest royal relevant publications to be released, and a detailed guide to the royal diary letting you know who will be where, doing what and when.

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Where would we be without the Queen et al? Here at Newsstand we think that we would be worse off than we are now, and not just because we would have to find someone else to put on our stamps (though that is a very tough choice and frankly quite important). Without the royal family someone else would have to hold the terribly boring functions that they are obliged to attend, and greet tedious dignitaries from far flung places.

No, the royals actually do a pretty decent job, and whilst we do not perhaps venerate them as highly as Majesty appears to, we do appreciate the hard work they’ve put into the country. Plus, more importantly, we make a ton of money from them. Seriously, the royal family are a major tourist draw, as anyone who has ever been near Buckingham palace and seen the hordes of tourists excitedly gathered around would know. The royals are essentially a living history exhibit – a modern day example of how we used to be – that draws in the crowds and puts far more into the economy than they take out. So, for us its definitely a case of “keep up the good work” as opposed to “off with their heads”. NB


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