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Please! Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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Current Issue

27,  released 01/04/2020
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Features: Fashion, Jewellery, Culture

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A hugely stylish (and simply huge) women’s fashion magazine, Please! has us saying yes, please! to its combination of fashion, jewellery and culture.

This oversized magazine is printed on high-quality paper, giving the stunningly shot and gorgeous fashion photography inside the chance to really stand out. If it’s stylish, fashionable and elegant than it can be found within the pages of Please! This magazine covers all the famous designers and every page is accompanied by fantastic imagery. If you’re fascinated by fashion and interested in keeping up with the latest trends this could be the perfect publication for you.

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Fashion magazines need to stand out nowadays – there are a plethora of different titles out there each offering their own insight and perspective on the multi-layered world of fashion and style. One of the key ways in which they can differentiate themselves is through their title – something clever, or somehow inherently stylish, a witty play on words or something obscure and abstract that nevertheless captures the spirit of their publication. Other ways they can appear unique is in their style, quality or price, but almost all of these things have reached a standard across the industry, with pretty much everything being both excellently designed and produced to the highest quality imaginable.

Please! has a slightly quirky, slightly unusual title that manages to reveal something about the magazine despite being only one word. Is this the magazine you have been looking for, the style you want? A simple reply of Please! answers these wonderfully, with the exclamation mark changing the perception from that of a dour answer to a bright and cheerful response. The magazine is of course of an exceptionally high quality in its design and production, and would make a fine coffee table book for any lover of style and fashion. NB


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