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Rika Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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20,  released 13/02/2020
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Rika is a whopping great magazine focusing in on fashion, photography, art and models, all with a slightly bohemian edge. The pieces are optimistic, for example a set of bios on strong women in history, or a look into the ways certain photographers portray emotion, or simple conversations on life, love and happiness. Littered with stunning ideas and imagery, Rika Magazine is perfect for the open-minded creativity lovers of the world.

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It seems that fashion falls into the heart of many in this modern world, but as the simple word ‘fashion’ is such a broad title, there are those that manage to combine it with hundreds of other aspects of life. Take, for example, Rika Magazine. It could be considered a slight tautology to combine high priced fashion with the simple love of being alive, but somehow it works. There are so many creative sorts speaking out from the pages of Rika, it is unsurprising that they choose to cloth themselves in items they feel express their personality. Any extravert thinks consciously of how they would like to be perceived by others, and they do this via their work, the clothing, their home and even their speech. Rika has certainly been put together to come across as expressive as possible. The models are not just those deadpan coat hangers you see in other fashion magazines, and the articles are not about current gossip or sordid celebrity mishaps. It’s very timeless in a way, and an absolutely stunning yet inspiring read.


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