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Teach Secondary Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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VOL10/7,  released 15/10/2021
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Features: Alan Newland, Natasha Devon

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Next Issue: VOL10/8, Due:19/11/2021
Teach Secondary is a magazine that looks into the UK’s secondary educational system and appraises it with articles drawing from the views and experiences of teachers, parents and the students themselves.

In today’s fast-paced job environment with ever-evolving technological tools and personnel needs, Teach Secondary recognises that the value of the education our kids receive is of paramount importance. Not one to shy away from shining a light on the challenges are pitfalls that await, this magazine brings its potent insight to allow children to maximise their potential.

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It seems no matter what we do we’re never happy with the education that is on offer are we? Tests are too hard, tests are too easy, schools boring, grades are meaningless, and we’re crushing their creative soul! No doubt we all can call upon experiences of varying severity of being stuck in class force to copy off the board taking neither interest nor pleasure in that most monotonous of monotonous tasks. By Teach Secondary is here to prove that this is not the only way! Crammed full of important assessments of education from professionals and other contributors, this magazine stands as prove to the fact that education is not some stable thing define purely by test scores. Rather education is an ever evolving, living force that must constantly be nurtured and guided to the right conclusion.

Interviews, book reviews, informative articles and entertaining educational tasks for students to do at home, Teach Secondary is a crucial resource for anyone looking to take a guiding role in education in whatever form. Staying informed of the challenges and innovations constantly being devised is vital in making the right choices in education and to encourage the development of multi-faceted skillsets. This magazine is a gem and useful for anyone, not just participants in the UK school system, because it touches upon our collective need to learn and our constant struggle to improve it.


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