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Outdoor Fitness Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUN 20,  released 01/05/2020
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Features: Fitness, Adventure, Outdoor Running, Runing, Home Fitness

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If it’s outdoors, and requires moving around, then it’s definitely in this mag. Outdoor Fitness, as the title suggests, encourages you to get out there and make yourself fitter, whatever your preferred method of exercise.

There really is a wealth of information in Outdoor Fitness magazine. Some of the sports and exercises covered include running, cycling, rowing, windsurfing, swimming and canoeing, and there are many more that we don’t have space to mention. Alongside these is great advice on getting started, interviews with top-level athletes, reviews of kit such as trainers, running shoes and heart rate monitors and dietary and nutritional advice. A stunning amount of information.

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The gym is dead. Long live the outdoors!

Seriously, there is nothing more soul-destroying than going to the gym. The activities are boring and repetitive, pretty much everyone is going to look more buff than you do and there’s the horrible feeling of sitting on a seat after someone has forgotten to wipe their sweat off of it. Eugh. Going to the gym might be okay for those who do it all the time, but there are a lot of barriers to getting started, not least of which is the cost.

Instead, why not enjoy your fitness. Get outside, do any one of a multitude of activities that can be done for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership. Go out into the country and there are fewer judging eyes, the air is clean and doesn’t smell of other people’s body odour and the scenery is ever-changing. Trust us, you’ll feel much better for doing it. Fitness is not something that should be manufactured, created in a boring factory where rows of people pound out identical exercises next to each other, bored out of their minds. No, it should be honed in a natural environment, outside in the sunshine, and, if we have anything to do with it, rewarded with a pint at a nice country pub afterwards. NB


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