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Marvel Legends Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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NO 23,  released 26/03/2020
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Features: Marvel, Comics, Marvel Legends

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Next Issue: NO 24, Due:30/11/2020

PLEASE NOTE! Marvel’s Collections Editions have been suspended due to Covid-19 until further notice. We are keeping an eye on publisher’s announcements and will keep our customers posted of any new developments. End of October 2020, the publisher reported that they will be unveiling their exciting new plans for the Collectors’ Editions in the coming months, however nothing more concrete/specific was indicated. Stay tuned for updates. If you have any further questions, do email us at subenquiries@newsstand.co.uk and we will happily assist.

A collection of the daring adventures three of the most influential superheroes the world has ever known, Marvel Legends is one of the premier comic books on the market.

Marvel Legends is a compendium of three Marvel-lous superheroes, with each being given equal weight. Firstly, there is Captain America, staunch defender of liberty, though frankly terrible in terms of dress sense – not one who has ever heard of subtlety. Next we have billionaire inventor Tony Stark aka Iron Man, star of the recent popular (and well made) films. Rounding off the trio we have the mighty Thor, Norse God and hammer-lover. It goes without saying that this is a superbly illustrated comic book, with the artwork of the highest calibre, and the variety of stories makes this one a real page-turner.

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Part of the appeal of comic books to us here at Newsstand is the sheer range of different characters and powers that adorn their carefully and skilfully drawn pages. Of course there are the Marvel and DC universes to start with – two completely separate worlds inhabited by different super-heroes. But even at a lower level than that you delve into a realm of alternate timelines, parallel realities, retroactive continuity (the act of saying something happened in a certain way, even if it didn’t in the previous comics, or ‘lying’ as it is known to us) and more mean there is an absolute host of different heroes and villains.

Comic books represent a chance to explore something from different cultures, abut not be bound by any constraints. A fine example of this is one of the heroes found in the pages of Marvel Legends – Thor. A real Norse god from the days of the Vikings (incidentally, Thursday is named for Thor – ‘Thorsday’), here he is brought to life and placed in a modern day context. We would however welcome the appearance of that most British of heroes – TeaMan, a fellow with the power to summon cups of tea at will and persuade everyone to sit down and talk about this like civilised fellows. Presumably his sidekick would be Biscuit Boy, though he would have a tendency to crumble under pressure. Oh, the hilarity. NB


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