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Contributor Magazine

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17,  released 09/12/2019
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Contributor Magazine creates a world where fashion, life, art and culture are logically combined. The articles all have a personal, slightly dreamy style to them, and they often come across like sections from a short story, a snippet from the writers’ lives. Aside from these lengthy and intriguing pieces, there is a goldmine of striking couture fashion features. From elegant tailoring to utterly mental colour collaborations, anyone could find inspiration from within these pages. There are also interviews with designers, sculptors, actors and even chefs, acupuncturists and bi-polar sufferers. Contributor is unapologetic about every aspect of life, ranging from the ordinary to the downright strange.

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Strangely enough, speaking openly and truthfully whilst remaining totally unfazed, has suddenly become screamingly edgy and cool. It is that element of fearlessness that fills the pages of Contributor, and I really love it. We have come so far from the days where ‘things were frowned upon’ and so many of our desires were locked behind closed doors. There were once things that were just not done. But is it such a good thing that these traditional rules our ancestors created for themselves are disintegrating? I can’t deny that I believe truth to be a good thing, but perhaps there are some things people just don’t want to hear about. This new found attitude that can be found in many under 40s of ‘I don’t care what you think of me’ has dissolved areas of life into chaos, because in some cases there is a huge lack of respect. So, where do we draw the line between blatantly rude, and open minded truth. I like that the writers in Contributor have no desire to hide anything if asked, but don’t seem to publish the intricate and personal details of their entire life story. That is a skill in itself. But the quality of writing makes you feel like you are the only person to have read, and who will read their tale.


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