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FEB 20,  released 02/01/2020
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Features: Bordeaux, Prosecco, Pinot Noir, Napa

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Decanter magazine is in its own words ‘the world’s best wine magazine’. The magazine is sold in over 90 countries worldwide. This magazine is essential reading for any reader with a keen interest in wine. Whether you are an amateur wine drinker or an avid collector of fine varieties this publication will contain something for everyone. The experts in the magazine recommend 4,000 wines a year. So readers can find the perfect wine for them whatever their budget

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Be honest, who out there isn’t partial to a nice glass of wine every so often? It’s the best thing to unwind with after a hard week working. Personally, we are particularly partial to a nice glass of merlot at the weekend. Whatever type you’re into Decanter magazine will find you your perfect new wine.

True lovers of wine will know that there are a huge number of wines out there to choose from. From rare vintage wines to cheap wines and sparkling wine it can get a bit confusing. Many readers may have experienced the uncertain feeling one gets when they are in the wine section of the supermarket and the rows of wines all look back at you in an intimidating fashion. This magazine will make any reader into a wine expert by the last page. Readers can stride confidently up to the wine section from now on and feel confident to try something new.

More young people are deciding to stay in at the weekends these days to avoid spending a fortune on drinks out in expensive bars and clubs. There has been a new wave of people choosing to enjoy a night in with a nice bottle of wine rather than splash out unnecessarily. A few years ago before the dreaded recession this practice would have been much less common with people most likely labelled as boring if they spent a Saturday night in! How times have changed! Having a house party is a cheap and fun way to enjoy time with your friends. Decanter will help you pick out some excellent wine to supply your next house party or dinner party. Readers can show off their new wine knowledge and no one ever needs to know that Decanter magazine was behind your newfound wisdom!


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