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Diver Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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APR 20,  released 19/03/2020
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Features: Diving, Anthony Joshua, Mavis

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Next Issue: MAY 20, Due:16/04/2020
Diver magazine brings the reader all of the travel adventures and diving hot spots that they need. There will also be amazing underwater photography and all the usual helpful equipment reviews you’d expect in a diving publication. There is also an interesting mix of diverse feature articles, perspectives and photo essays by both the pros and the up-and-coming divers from all areas of the diving community.

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While the name of the magazine is not particularly unique, the content is a little different from the diver magazines you usually see because it mixes up all the usual news and review offerings with interesting editorial articles. We particularly liked one article which focused on Dr Andrea Marshall who apparently started diving when she was 12 and was one of the first people to complete a doctoral thesis on mantra rays. She works as a researcher in Mozambique and basically in our view has one of the best jobs ever, she dives and looks after and researches fascinating fish and sea life all day long. She also discovered a new species of giant mantra ray in 2008.

If you wouldn’t mind having Dr Andrea Marshall’s lifestyle then we suggest that you get yourself a copy of Diver magazine pronto. The magazine will keep you in the loop for all the latest gear and also make sure that you are up to date with all the latest diving schemes and the work going on all over the world.

The magazine also likes to have an in-depth look at the sea life and amazing diving qualities of many animals which sadly eludes us as human. One article in Diver focused on the sea snake, which can stay under water for 2 hours while humans can only really dive for around 40 minutes before the crushing effects of pressure and fears can get the better of us. These creatures spend their lives in a medium in which they cannot breathe! Its quite mind boggling and this is what Diver is all about, this magazine will be a pleasant surprise for new readers as it will contain interesting thought provoking articles which differ from other similar magazines.


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