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Shooting Sports Magazine

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Shooting Sports Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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MAY 20,  released 02/04/2020
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Features: Shooting, Hunting, Shooting Sports, Target Rifles

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Next Issue: AUG 20, Due:02/07/2020
Monthly UK mag that has the world of firearms firmly in its sights (sorry), Shooting Sports is packed full of useful information for any gun and shooting fans out there.

Shooting Sports takes a wide editorial approach, covering both Airguns and higher calibre weapons. Each of these is covered in great depth, with all the latest news and product releases for both covered, along with extensive and comprehensive expert testing of the different guns just released on to the market. Also reviews relevant kit, such as knives and jackets, covers advice for hunting, all the Expos, has a great workshop section devoted to dealing with problems and modifications and general features on shooting.

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When you get down to it, a gun is actually quite a complicated thing. You have charge, which detonates in some manner, creating pressure that forces a small bit of metal out of a hand-held tube and towards a target. It may sound simple, but the combination of doing this and then being able to quickly load another round meant that for a long time after the invention of the fire-arm it was still a lot more effective to simply walk up to someone and hit them with a pointy bit of metal. Not quite as stylish or futuristic though.

The early gun was a complex affair, requiring powder charges that needed to be kept dry, a finicky array of firing systems and a dangerous muzzle loading method. Frankly it’s a wonder that they ever caught on. They certainly did catch on however, and sadly it is rather rare that you see a square of pikemen marching off to war. Nowadays, however, we live in a world of firearms full of some incredibly advanced models, as shown by the huge array of different guns to be found in Shooting Sports. Whatever aspect of the sport of shooting – airgun or something a little more powerful – it is covered in this impressively multi-discipline mag. NB


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