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Combat Hand Guns Magazine

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Combat Hand Guns Magazine

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9 issues per year.
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MAR-APR,  released 18/01/2024
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Next Issue: APR-MAY, Due:16/02/2024
Combat Handguns magazine is a US publication detailing the latest shooting equipment, techniques, and other vital information for the Hand Gun enthusiast, whether you are interested in Guns for their own sake, personal protection or self-defence, every issue is packed with information on these topics. With special features on various aspects of guns, for example guns of the Old West, Combat Hand Guns is not only about practical matters, but caters to everyone, whatever their interest in Guns.

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Combat Handguns is a very American magazine. Only in the US would you find so many people so barmy about guns, their abilities, statistics, and history, and the extraordinary stories surrounding them. If you’re an aspiring cowboy and just can’t get enough of those famous silver screen shoot-outs, saddle up and get hip holstered with one of these beauties.

Many of these beautiful combat handguns are collectors items, with intricate histories. A lady’s pearl handled hand gun is reviewed, and as you look at the photograph you almost see it tucked in the garter of the madam in an Old West whorehouse, as she sits sipping whisky, waiting for a man to cross her, just once. If it’s this kind of thing that interests you, Combat Handguns will Make Your Day.

Combat Handguns explores many aspects of the sport of shooting, and handles with it the same amount of skill as you need when shooting your gun – a lot! Like a Stoeger shotgun, Combat handguns is “Rugged. Reliable,” and a revolverlutionising read. If you subscribe to Combat handguns, or buy a single copy, you will not be disappointed by the cover-to-cover guns: in the form of pictures, reviews, analysis, and what to look for and where to go if you’re thinking of buying your first handgun, or simply adding to your collection.


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