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Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine

in Sports ... Ring & Combat

Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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MAY-JUN,  released 12/06/2020
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Features: Martial Arts, COVID-19, Black Belt

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Next Issue: JUL-AUG, Due:31/07/2020
A great bi-monthly martial arts magazine from the States, Tae Kwon Do Times is a great read for any fans of the martial arts.

Tae Kwon Do Times doesn’t simply cover its namesake, also covering Muay Thai. Kenpo, Judo, Karate, MMA, Tai Chi. Grappling and Kung-Fu. It brings you the latest news from the martial arts world, interviews with the grandmasters, features on aspects of martial arts such as weapons and more, and has some great photo stories showing people breaking blocks and showing off their kicks. Perfect for those interested in or fascinated by Asian fighting systems.

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People sometimes get the wrong idea about martial arts. Kids who grow up watching Kung-fu movies and seeing shows such as the Power Rangers (is that even on any more? Wow, we feel old!) see it as an awesome fighting style, a means with which to beat up the bad guys, save the girl and win the day.

We certainly don’t doubt that those who are properly experienced in the martial arts could do that, but the attitude of the discipline is all about not having to fight. The true martial artist does not go out of his way to find a fight – he or she could certainly defend themselves if required, but the training is all about discipline, control, restraint, the bettering of oneself not simply for selfish reasons.

And of course the ability to do some pretty kick-ass stuff. You know, breaking concrete blocks with your bare hands, flying kicks, knowing that you could win any fight and as such not needing to fight. Just because martial arts isn’t about attacking doesn’t mean you can’t show off once in a while, and who doesn’t like to take pride in the things they are good at? NB


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