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MASTERS 20,  released 26/03/2020
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Features: Golf, Tiger Woods, golf escapes, golf swing

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A comprehensive guide to all things golf, Golf World impressed us through its sheer breadth of coverage of the sport, making it an essential read for any lover of the most gentlemanly game out there.

Golf World brings you features on the very best players, courses and technical questions that face the world of golf today, as well as the latest golf news. Inside you’ll find a section full of expert, step by step illustrated advice aimed at helping to improve your game, as well as reviews of kit and equipment such as balls, shoes and of course every club from putter to driver, as well as a travel section for those who love to golf where they have never golfed before.

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Someone once said that golf was ‘a good walk ruined’. Well, that person had obviously never played a game of golf. If anything golf is a good walk improved.

Think back to your childhood (it may take longer for some of us than others). Remember those walks your parents dragged you out on, determined to get you some healthy exercise? Maybe you enjoyed it, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you only went along because they would stop at the pub on the way back. Whatever. Anyway, do you remember kicking a stone or pebble along as you walked, doing your best to keep it for as long as humanly possible, before it inevitably was lost into the hedges and undergrowth at the sides of the path? Well, imagine golf as a logical extension of that game.

Instead of kicking a pebble you are instead thwacking a small ball with a satisfyingly meaty club, and rather than aimlessly kicking it you are doing your very best to get it into a tiny hole, far off in the distance. Golfers are carrying on the fine tradition that we started when we were young, they just manage to go for a walk, hit a small ball into a hole and get paid for the privilege. If that’s not your idea of the perfect job, we don’t quite know how to come up with something better. NB


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