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Celtic View Magazine

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Celtic View Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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VOL56/20,  released 15/12/2020
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Features: Ryan Christie, Free Poster, Free Wallplanner, Rohan Marley

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Next Issue: VOL56/21, Due:03/02/2021
The oldest football club magazine in the UK and the official publication of Celtic FC, Celtic View magazine brings you all the news about the hoops.

Celtic View features all the latest Celtic and Celtic-related news every week, and also possesses some fascinating features examining both current topics and the history of this illustrious and successful club. It also serves as a centre for the Celtic supporters' community, featuring fan submitted photos alongside the professional pics, and more often than not includes a free poster or equivalent.

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It’s a little strange, is it not, how we can possess such loyalty and devotion to sports clubs? Deep down we all know that they are just running about a nicely kept field, kicking a ball to each other and occasionally into a net, but nevertheless there is a passion about sports that stirs something in the soul. Every match is a beautiful, self contained narrative, a story covering expectation, success, disappointment, failure and redemption. Every goal scored is a triumph, every missed chance a blow. Rivalries grow and develop, favourites emerge, and all throughout the crowd chants.

Being part of a crowd can be a weirdly special feeling. You can lose your identity in a crowd, a sea of white and green or whatever colour your team wears. You are no longer an individual but part of a gestalt being, a composite entity, all reacting the same way to the events on field, chanting with one voice, encouraging, demoralising alike. You wear the same colours, eat the same pies, drink the same beer and cheer and sigh.

Somehow following a sports team can stir up emotion far beyond that which it should. You wear the colours with pride, follow the team with passion, and ride the emotional rollercoaster of the season, hopefully to come out at the end with a smile. NB


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