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Procycling Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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APR 21,  released 26/03/2021
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Features: Maximilian Schachmann

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Top notch cycling mag that offers an insight into ‘the world’s toughest sport’, Procycling is full of effort, sweat and tears (well, not literally).

Procycling brings an incisive and insightful view into the world of professional cycling, with interviews with and profiles of some of the world’s leading cyclists, profiles of coaches and teams, examinations of tactics and the latest race tech alongside retrospectives looking at the sport’s history. This magazine is essentially the definitive voice on road racing world-wide, and helps bring to life all the complexities of this most testing of sports. Also features tests of the latest products, bikes and tech, a letters and community section and a wish list of all those things that any cyclist wishes they could afford.

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‘The world’s toughest sport’ proclaims the front cover of Procycling. Well, being a group of people who are not exactly in the athletic group – though we’re quick to the bar when last orders is called – we are not really going to argue, but we reckon there are a few sports out there that might take an exception to cycling calling itself the toughest.

Boxing: Cycling is all well and good, but have you ever tried being hit in the face by a large angry man for what would no doubt seem like an eternity? We certainly haven’t, and we don’t intend to. An argument could be made, however, that it’s a bit apples and oranges. For the ultimate combo check out chess-boxing, it is actually a thing. Although there doesn’t seem to be a magazine about it yet…

Rugby: The level of physicality involved in a good game of rugby is best described every time Sebastian Chabal walks out onto a pitch. Blimey.

Sumo: Large Japanese fellows wrestle with each other. We assume that the loser pays for dinner.

Eagle egg stealing – Not strictly a sport, though one we would be highly amused to see in the Olympics. Have you ever tried scaling a mountain whilst fighting off a furious falcon? I thought not.

Alligator Bungee – Participants bungee jump from a bridge, attempting to snatch the trophy which is held in the mouth of a live alligator in the river below. Sadly doesn’t exist.

Okay, cycling wins. We certainly wouldn’t want to argue with any pro-cyclists, they always seem worryingly determined. NB


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