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JUN 19,  released 09/05/2019
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Features: Natalia Coelho

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Flex magazine is the ultimate guide and inspiration for anyone looking to a life in bodybuilding. Chocked full with advice, interviews with bodybuilding celebs who give tips and motivating stories. There is product placement with the latest and best pills, powders and more to aid budding bodybuilders achieve their goals. There is plenty to get stuck into, from historical pieces on the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, to diet and exercise plans. If you’re getting started in this career and need a little inspiration, or even just interested in the sport, then Flex magazine is the one for you.

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The desire to be a bodybuilder is a strange one, for both men and women, but it implies a great deal about the personality. Dedication, commitment, hard work and so on. It is definitely as much about vanity as it is about the determination, but I could understand how it could become addictive. The sport initially started in what is now a province of Russia, where Eugen Sandow allowed audiences to admire his body in what he called ‘muscle display performances.’ However, these men were still based around the areas of boxing or wrestling. The real deal came along in 1936 where the film industry caught on to the concept, depicting it in it’s now traditional sense with Sandow doing his performances at carnivals...anyone picturing a moustache and a red and white striped leotard?

Despite this, the first full scale bodybuilder’s competition was held in America in 1904 which was won by Al Treloar, who won $1000 and the title of ‘the most perfectly developed man in the world.’ The sport has progressed ever since, with the World Bodybuilding Federation kicking off in 1990 and the ongoing debate as to whether bodybuilding should be welcomed into the Olympic Games. Some competitions have begun to label themselves ‘natural bodybuilding’, because of the growing levels of illegal steroids and drug aids making their way into the sport. Overall, I am heartily impressed with the determined and hard-working attitudes those who take part in the sport have. One hour at the gym at that’s me done for a month!


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