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Improve Your Coarse Fishing Magazine

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Improve Your Coarse Fishing Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

NO 415,  released 07/05/2024
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Features: Andy May, Adam Wakelin, Bob Roberts

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The magazine devoted to upping your fishing game, Improve Your Coarse Fishing proves once again that the simplest descriptive titles are the best.

This great UK fishing mag is written by fishermen, for fishermen, and features contributions throughout from a whole host of different writers. Each brings to the table a detailed explanation of one of their favourite methods or secrets for catching fish, providing step by step guides to replicating their techniques, illustrated with photographs to make them easy to follow. Whether this results in you trying new bait, a different feeder or something entirely different there are tons of great ideas to try. Also features reviews and tests of the latest rods, poles, reels, clothing, line, and all the other gear a fisherman needs.

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The days of fishing being a simple, innocent pursuit seem to be long gone. Mind you, like a lot of things there’s a good chance that the golden age of fishing never existed, and that in about 30 years time people will be reminiscing about the time we live in as a golden age of fishing. There’s a fascinating piece in the May issue of this mag detailing a catch that never was – a pike caught in the 70s that was claimed to weigh 10lbs more than it actually did, and wasn’t even caught by the person who claimed it. No golden innocence there.

What we meant to talk about before getting distracted by philosophical points about golden ages, is that fishing is a highly technical and technological pursuit nowadays. There are huge arrays of different techniques you can use to get the best catch, if the pages of Improve Your Coarse Fishing are anything to go by. There are secret, almost arcane methods for preparing the best feeds, getting the bait that though it seems a little crazy will get the fish to bite.

To be successful in fishing you need to have an open mind and cast about (no pun intended) for different and unique methods of catching those strangely unpredictable fish. You never quite know what you might stumble upon. NB


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