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Socialist Review Magazine

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11 issues per year.
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01,  released 22/01/2021
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Features: Labour Party, Marvin Gaye

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As the official magazine of the British Socialist Workers Party, the Socialist Review brings a refreshing political analysis through the eyes of left-wing politics in a way that the mainstream parties rarely do. This magazine takes an unwavering critical eye to the political philosophies and movements pushing amid a sea of interest groups and how they are shaping policy in ways ultimately detrimental to workers internationally. From current events to historical analyses, Socialist Review is not written with wide-eyed naiveté or with unjustified rage. Experienced political commentators of the left give their critiques of political shifts and of the revolutions that sift beneath the surface crying out for change.

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While mainstream media and political parties downplay or underreport harmful political currents and controversial topics. Socialist Review is refreshing in its on-the-ground reporting and interviews that get in the thick of worldwide political events, protests and strikes that sign post the battleground of the modern left-wing struggle to be a voice for the working class. Not allowing itself or left-wing politics unfairly coloured as extremist and exclusionary, this title does a splendid job in showing that there is much that left-wing policies have to contribute to address the yawning grievances of our economic and social order.

Socialist Review asked the hard-hitting questions and does not simply take the word of the political leaders of-the-day as fact without anything to back them up. From scandals that rock the elites, to the harmful effects of monetary policy on the working class and book reviews on a myriad of connected topics. Despite being sponsored by the British SWP, this magazine is not simply a political journal for the party. Rather it is a monthly treatise that is a must-have not simply for left-wing prodigies but for anyone with any investment in how politics shapes our globalised and fast-changing world.


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