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APR 20,  released 21/03/2020
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In these times of economic woe (if you’re reading in the future replace woe with greatness or emptiness as applicable) there is a greater than ever need to sort out a good job for yourself. Business Franchise Magazine helps with just that.

The official publication of the British Franchise association, Business Franchise is packed full of great advice to help you get started as a franchisee. Not only is there tips and advice from those who have already made it, but there is a great section reviewing some of the many franchise opportunities out there and the level of investment required – from under £10,000 up to hundreds of thousands of pounds, with the potential profits many times that. Business Franchise Magazine covers marketing and company profiles and legal and financial advice as well as many business franchise opportunities currently available in the UK.

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Franchising really is an exceptionally good idea in the world of business. People get the opportunity to run their own business from scratch in the area they want with an established product or service, whilst supported by an experienced and known framework organisation. It is no wonder then that companies such as McDonalds and Dominos use this method to maximise their earnings whilst retaining security. There’s only one potential downside to the customer – that the quality of the product can vary from location to location.

But you know what? This really isn’t a problem. After all, in the world of local shops before franchising the quality varied enormously as well – a particular cake may be delicious in one bakery on one side of town but disappointingly poor in the other bakery on the other side. Franchises do take away some of the unpredictability of life, which is of course a shame, but at the same time they mean that you can be confident that where you’re eating has a good hygiene and cleanliness policy, that the shop you bought that toy for your son in whilst you were on holiday will have an outlet somewhere nearby your home that you can return it to when broken. Franchises can be either good or bad, depending upon your viewpoint, but the one thing they undeniably do is make life a lot easier. NB


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