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Dub Magazine

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9 issues per year.
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01,  released 15/04/2020
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Features: Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, Driving, CAR

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A treat for any gearhead, Dub magazine will fill that desire for anything that looks good on the road. This American magazine oozes style yet is still packed with page after page of useful information and great articles.

What makes Dub special – aside from the great quality of the content – is a great little feature: Getting bored of one side? It’s unlikely but possible. Simply flip the magazine 360° and read the other half - a magazine that starts from both ends, if you will. Whether you’re interested in spinners, a new set of tires, the greatest looking designs, audio products or tuning up your motor, Dub magazine has everything you need to get your set of wheels looking superior.

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Dub is a double feature magazine (it’s back cover is actually another front cover), and that seems to us to be a great idea. There’s so much that would work wonderfully (or hilariously) together, and this represents a concept that needs exploring. Think of all the crazy combinations that you could pack into a split-personality magazine… here are a few of our favourites:

Fashion and music – telling you not only what to listen to but how to look good doing it. What to wear whilst listening to rock, pop or rap.

Food and Automobiles – what to eat whilst you’re driving (just joking here, of course you shouldn’t eat anything).

Cross-stitch and Heavy Metal – create a delightful needlework representation of Rammstein boiling their drummer alive.

Golf and Automobiles - not only which cars can fit a set of golf clubs in the boot, but also rules for motor-golf. Just be careful not to get involved in a drive-by hole-in-one.

These are obviously excellent ideas, and the merging of different magazines to create glorious double features would not only hold much opportunities for great articles, but would save money in these difficult economic times. Publishers - we’ll be awaiting the fee for this idea, and if possible a job on your new MotorGolf Mag.


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