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Italia Guide Magazine

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GRANDTOUR,  released 01/04/2021
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Features: Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Turin

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Brought to you by the good people at Music Tech magazine, Music Tech Focus is a special edition of the renowned mag, focusing in on a particular area of music production. Music Tech Focus brings you a definitive guide to it’s particular subject – no need to go rooting through different magazines when you can have it all in one cover. It is full of tips, tricks and useful guides all aimed at helping you improve your music producing abilities, and is written and produced by experienced experts. Perfect for the aspiring or professional music tech.

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There is a world of difference between audio produced and engineered by an amateur and professional. Some people may not see this, thinking that getting an amateur to ‘have a go’ will be enough, but it is the difference between a painting by Leonardo da Vinci and some graffiti scrawled on the wall by an urban guerrilla, before they headed home for their tea. Music is an art form, and it takes years of dedication to truly master it. This is something that applies to the world of production, mixing and recording just as much as for the musicians themselves. You have to be able to feel the music, to understand what piece of kit is needed where, what little software tweaks will enhance a piece of music, bring through its inner truth. This isn’t to say, however, that you can’t gain knowledge of music production yourself, merely that it takes time, patience and dedication towards its mastering. It is however a worthy and noble cause, and a path that is well worth treading. For anyone who is currently in a band we suggest sitting one of your members down with a few copies of Music Tech Focus and setting them on the road to music production Nirvana. NB


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