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Cycle World (Usa) Magazine

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Cycle World (Usa) Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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VOL59/4,  released 18/12/2020
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Next Issue: VOL60/1, Due:16/07/2021
Covering every area of motorcycles, from off-road to superbike, Cycle World (USA) is no pedalling based publication. This US based publication looks at every aspect of motorcycling – you will find coverage Harleys, off-roaders, high-performance road bikes and more in each issue, with great features looking at prolific riders, bikes, and the future of motorcycling. There are tests and evaluations of the latest kit, with new bikes put through their paces and gear such as tire warmers reviewed, looks at racing, and columns and editorials looking at the world of cycling, making this perfect for anyone who loves motorbikes whatever the type.

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Most motorcycling magazines these days are focused primarily on one form – be it enduro, performance bikes or something else entirely. This is not the case with the impressive Cycle World (USA), a magazine that instead takes a nicely wide approach to everything two wheeled and motor-powered. And why not? After all, there are plenty of car magazines that look at pretty much every type on the market, so there’s definitely space for a magazine that is willing to include Dirtbikes, MotoGP and Harley Davidsons within its pages. Each type of bike may have a different purpose – screaming across the countryside, barrelling down a track or simply cruising and looking cool, but they all share an innate heritage. We would always choose a bike over a car, and not just because we’re dangerous rebels who don’t play by the rules. A motorbike, regardless of form or shape, is something inherently cool; fast, a little bit dangerous and above all enjoyable to drive. To adapt a classic Orwellian saying, two wheels good, four wheels bad. Unless those two wheels are on a little powered scooter. NB


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