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Classics Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUN 22,  released 13/05/2022
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Next Issue: JUL 22, Due:10/06/2022
The packed cover of Classics Monthly Magazine illustrates excellently just how crammed it is with information. Whether you are looking to buy a classic car, restore an old pile of rust to its former glory or repair your classic motor when it all goes a bit pear-shaped, this magazine covers literally all that needs to be known about classic motoring.

If you want to repair or restore a classic, then turn your attention to the lengthy workshop section, and don’t forget to have a look at the tool and part reviews and ratings as well. There are great guides to what to look for when buying a classic car whether it be your first time or your last, as well as fascinating features on some of the absolute classic designs from the history of British motoring.

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Here at Newsstand we firmly believe that you can take your boring, super-safe, over-heavy modern cars and… well apparently I’m not allowed to write that.

Classic cars represent everything that’s great about motoring, The fun and excitement of an elegantly designed piece of proper mechanical engineering, that you can likely fix yourself when it inevitably goes wrong. Days when the roads weren’t congested with the untold millions of automobiles that jam up everything from the M1 to the B2056. Sure the cars might not have a great top speed, but you’re not really supposed to go over 70 anyway – you might as well look good and have fun whilst doing it, rather than fretting over the digitally represented current fuel usage in your new Ford Mundaneo.

We’ve just had a striking thought – will the cars of today be considered classics in 50 years time? Will the Kia Cee’d and the Fiat Panda be lovingly restored by people who remember them from their youth? This is unarguably a bleak, dystopian future, and to avoid it we must keep as many currently classic cars going for as long as we can. NB

Classics Monthly magazine features classic cars including practical hints and tips and a directory of classic car specialists. With extensive articles each month on several fabulous cars from the classic era as well as concours events, we are even told how to keep them in perfect condition.


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